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Oni Nani on 04/03/2022
I have used these units a few times now. Always courteous, NoKe is useful as all get out. Security cams to safeguard your units also. Love this place. Major recommendation.
Austin Strickland on 11/12/2021
Experience was great signing up and an easy process. I forgot her name but I believe she was one of the owners who worked the front. She was very nice and fun to be with while signing up and very knowledgeable. The onsite bathroom is a huge plus, as well as the Bluetooth entry into everything.
Bill Koperek on 09/08/2021
Royal Storage is a clean, modern facility to store your stuff or vehicles!!! They have an electronic access system and wide driveways that can accommodate large RV's, Moving trucks, boats, etc. Access is controlled by an app on your phone, with security cameras! The place is clean and the Staff are friendly, no grumpy people at the front desk or answering the phone. It costs more than your run of the mill storage place, but its worth the peace of mind for the security it provides.